Sean Warlick

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Welcome to Let’s Ask The Data.

I have launched my first website/blog in an endeavour to share my experience and learning with others doing similar work in the Data Science and/or Applied Statistic community. I’m plan to use it as a place to document my adventures exploring and practising new methods or showcase projects with cool data sets. In doing so, I hope that others doing similar work can learn from my blog.

So what topics am I going to cover here? Well, it will center around R and applied statistics. Given the expanding R ecosystem, this is a broad topic, but there are few topics that have really attracted my interest. Reproducible research is one topic that I am particularly interested in and will likely be touched upon in many posts. I also think predictive modelling and machine learning are cool topics and I am actively seeking to expand my tool kit in these areas. Recently I’ve been toying around with natural language processing, setting up an RStudio server and have been trying to learn Python, so these topics might also make an appearance on these digital pages.

Detailed discussions of theory is one thing that will not appear here. I do firmly believe in theory and will argue very passionately that one must understand the underlying mathematics, not just how to interpret the results, of a given method. However, I am not nearly smart enough to advance the field of mathematical statistics and there are far better resources than me for the mechanics of a given method. For readers interested in the theoretical aspects of topics that I discuss, I’ll try to point you in the direction of resources I’ve found useful and accessible.

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