Data Science Experience

Sr. Data Scientist, Qualtrics, Seattle, WA, October 2019 - Present

  • Team lead and manager for the newly established User Experience Data Science team.
  • Collaboratively established the team road map and worked with team to ensure quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) aligned with this vision.
  • Developed and implemented a framework for the team to carry out reproducible research and peer review.
  • Developed process for collaboration with qualitative research team.
  • Conducted analysis of Qualtrics usage data to inform feature development and improvement.

Data Scientist, Boeing, Seattle, WA, January 2016 - October 2019

  • Team lead for project to model failures in airplane engines using general additive models to identify operational behaviors and environmental conditions associated with the failures. Model results were used to provide airline specific recommendations for modifying take off and climb procedures to extend engine life.
  • Developed two predictive maintenance alerts and two diagnostic alerts using multiple sources of aircraft sensor data. These alerts have led to reductions in unscheduled maintenance and part replacements saving more than half a million dollars in 2018.
  • Contributed to building the computing system, processes and tools used by the alerting and prognostic team to deploy more than 10 predictive maintenance alerts to multiple airline customers in less than six months.
  • Developed a system utilizing R and R Markdown to automate the delivery of custom aircraft status reports to airline maintenance crews at the arrival airport within one hour of departure, reducing time between flights.
  • Collaborated with an engineering team to build a dashboard suite for evaluating aircraft part reliability over time, eliminating reliance on external teams and suppliers by integrating and visualizing data from four databases.
  • Built and maintain a data extraction pipeline for proprietary XML documents that are the primary source for a tool allowing airlines to evaluate 12000 available aircraft modifications.

Data Analytics Instructor, Galvanize, Seattle, WA, May 2019 – September 2019

  • Taught SQL, Tableau and Excel basics to aspiring data analysts and business intelligence analysts.
  • Advised students carrying out their capstone project utilizing the material covered in the course.

Statistical Analyst, Airlines Reporting Corporation, Arlington, VA, May 2013 - January 2016

  • Designed and carried out research projects on a variety of topics relevant to the airline industry that gained widespread media coverage. Notable reports include a 2014 covered by the Seattle Times and ABC News.
  • Collaborated with Expedia to provide analysis featured in Travel Check-Up: Air Travel Trends 2015 and Preparing for Take-Off: Air Travel Outlook for 2016.
  • Built a dashboard suite to assist destination-marketing clients in making business decisions.
  • Developed predictive models to inform staffing decisions at airport retail locations.
  • Used topic modeling and sentiment analysis to automate the evaluation of customer comments in an annual satisfaction survey.

Data Kind DC, Washington, DC 2015

  • Participated in development of interactive of labor violations for the Fair Labor Association
  • Collaborated with other data scientists using different programming languages and with different areas of expertise
  • Contributed time and skills to data projects for local non-profits

Software Publications

  • Warlick, S. noaaoceans: Collect Ocean Data From NOAA. R package version 0.2.0. Available on Github and CRAN


  • “Predictive Maintenance in the Nitrogen Generation System Using Machine Learning.” Presentation, Boeing Technical Excellence Conference, August 2019

  • “Enabling Rapid Diagnosis & Prescriptive Maintenance.” Presentation, Boeing Technical Excellence Conference, St. Charles, MO, May 2018

  • “Applying Natural Language Processing and Text Mining Techniques to Marine Mammal Literature: Identifying and Summarizing Future Research Directions.” Speed talk, 22nd Biennial Conference on the Biology Of Marine Mammals, Halifax, NS, Oct 2017

  • “Maps Without the Hassle Using ggmap.” Statistical Programming DC, Washington, DC, March 2015


  • Crandall, C., Nakhjavani, O., Warlick, S., Volk, D. System and Method for Detecting Faulty Engine Anti-Ice Sensor. U.S. Patent Application. Filed June 2019. Patent Pending.

  • Betz, F., Coleman, R., Jackson, G., Nakhjavani, O., Puigh, D., Runo, S., Schimert, J., Warlick, S., Zaikin, A. Diagnostic System For A Closed Fluid System. U.S. Patent Application 15\833564. Filed January 2018. Patent Pending.


American University, Washington, DC, 2014

  • Master of Science: Statistics

Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA, 2008

  • Bachelor of Arts: History

Skills & Software

  • Experienced in the use of R, Python, Tableau, SAS, and SPSS for statistical analysis and data visualization.
  • Daily use of SQL for report generation and data manipulation in relational databases.
  • Experienced with Git, GitHub, and GitLab for version control and collaboration.
  • Experienced using Travis CI and Codcov for software development.
  • Familiar with Hadoop and Spark platforms for data aggregation and analysis.
  • Familiar with Digital Ocean and Azure cloud computing platforms.