About Me

This is what I do

Sean Warlick is a Data Scientist working in Puget Sound. He currently leads the User Experience Research Data Science team at Qualtrics.

Sean has extensive experience in the airline and aerospace industry. Prior to joining Qualtrics he worked at Boeing in the the Global Services division. There he focused on working with full fight sensor data to build predictive maintenance models. Sean also worked on the revenue side of the airline industry, analyzing ticketing data at the Airlines Reporting Corporation.

Sean is a giant nerd who enjoys working with cool data sets and answering interesting questions. At work he utilizes Python, but R is his favorite tool for his pet projects at home.

When not in front of a computer Sean takes full advantage of all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. He enjoys hiking, backpacking, skiing and mountain biking. Someday, he would like to ski 100 days in a year. If he’s had a few too many of his own home-brews, he thinks about opening a brewery.

Sean Presenting on ggmap at the March 2015 SPDC Meet Up